About us

Have you been dreaming about perfectly smooth skin for a long time? Epilation in European Beauty Center quickly will bring your dream come true! After 6-7 sessions, the amount of hair on your body will decrease by 80%, and after several courses in a row, laser hair removal will become a reality.

We can do hair removal on any parts of the body. There is the most demanded laser hair removal of the legs among our clients. Those who are tired of quite often using tweezers, depilatory creams and trimmers, need our help. In the summer, bikini area hair removal is especially popular.

After laser hair removal, new hair does not grow on the treated area for a long time. After a long time, hair that appears after a long hair removal looks lighter and softer.

Cosmeticians of European Beauty Center in their work with patients use the best types of lasers on the market for hair removal.